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Ignite Liberty is Open for Business!

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Thank you so much for stopping by Ignite Liberty to check out our initial product launch. We are officially open for business. This is a day that I've had circled on my calendar for months and I'm so incredibly happy that it's finally here! 

I initially thought of the idea to design "Make Liberty Great Again" hats last fall, but didn't start working towards opening this store until early June of this year. I'd like to thank everyone who supported me through the ups and downs of this project and especially those who helped out by voting on the designs and helping to mold the two designs we're offering for sale today. 

For several years I've worked my butt off to advance liberty primarily through my writing and podcasting at Lions of Liberty, a site I co-founded with like-minded college friends. Many people ask me why I spend so much of my free time researching and studying the ideas of liberty. They ask me why I created my weekly show Felony Friday on the Lions of Liberty Podcast

The answer is simple. 

I love liberty. 

I want more than anything to see the ideas of liberty spread and take hold in my lifetime. However, these ideas don't spread organically. It takes work and creativity to shake people out of their slumber.

Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk. 

In order to Make Liberty Great Again we need to Ignite Liberty in the hearts and minds of individuals. To do this we need to give individuals fashionable and bold ways to literally wear their ideas. 

These two hat designs are just the beginning of my vision to ignite the liberty movement. These hats send a clear message to others that you desire a world free from government oppression and coercion.

Let's step out of the dark ages and progress society forward! Are you ready to Light Liberty On Fire Today?


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