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Interview with Michael Wood, Jr: Ending the Drug War Will Make Liberty Great Again

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interviewed Michael Wood, Jr. on my weekly show Felony Friday on the Lions of Liberty podcast. Michael is a Marine Corp Veteran and retired Baltimore Police Sargent. He made first made headlines for exposing instances of police brutality that he witnessed during his 11 years with the Baltimore PD. Today he advocates for a proposed solution to our nation's policing problems through civilian-led policing.

Michael is a progressive and I'm a libertarian. So we offer differing perspectives during this interview where we discuss the current policing climate, the impact of Black Lives Matters, the need to end the War on Drugs and gun control. 

The biggest takeaway for me from speaking with Michael about these important topics is the need to forge coalitions with like minded individuals to end the disastrous Drug War. As Michael points out during the interview, the drug war is not a war waged on "drugs", rather it is a war waged on people. Libertarians, progressives and conservatives need to unite around ending the War on Drugs and bringing sanity back to policing.    

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