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What Does the Slogan "Make Liberty Great Again" Mean?

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What does it mean to Make Liberty Great Again?  

Liberty is the state of being free from oppressive restrictions. To be free from an authoritarian, coercive government force. Government's do not make society great, individuals do. The only way to make America great is to make individual LIBERTY great.

In today's world many politicians and "leaders" claim that they have the best interests of the people at heart. They plead for votes by offering to use the force of government as a vehicle to make things "fair". There is nothing fair about restricting liberty, in order to gain the appeal of a voting bloc or special interest group, but this is the reality of today's political climate. This is the very definition of tyranny. 

In order to maximize liberty, governments must be limited and constrained to a narrow charter. The government should have no say in who individuals choose to do business with or choose to marry. The government should not determine what an individual is permitted to ingest into their body or do with their body because the government does not own your body! The government cannot be permitted to invade your privacy and track the most intimate details of your life. Last but not least, the government has no right to stop or impede you from defending your own life!

As long an individual is not harming another individual or their property, then there is no need for government intervention. Instead of focusing on fairness, our government institutions should be focusing on justice. A just society is a fair society. 

We don't need a nanny state, we need a just state. A state that is chartered with protecting the individual rights of its citizens. Nothing more, nothing less.   

If you agree with these truths, then please consider purchasing some Make Liberty Great Again apparel today! Wear these hats and shirts as a statement. They are a declaration that you desire a world free from government oppression and coercion. You desire to live in a world that values the sovereignty of the individual. This is such an important time in history. Get off the sidelines and get in the game. Together we can Make Liberty Great Again!

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